Making Small Spaces Feel Big.

Our Mission

Each home built by My Lane Home is functionally designed to ensure space efficiency, openness, and plenty of light. Our designers craft comfortable living spaces in an aesthetically pleasing environment, each home precision built to specifically suit your needs. We are confident that your high-quality, affordable home will be completed on-time and within your budget. We build effectively and pass our efficiencies on to you, saving you time and money. We provide to you a Milestone Framework which allows a flexible way to finance the build.

Functionally Designed.

Precision Built.


Lane Homes.

Coach Houses.

Laneway Houses.

What We Do

A lane home is a small home located at the rear or alley-side of a property. Lane homes can be built in place of a current structure, like a carport or garage, or developed on unused land. Lane homes are a perfect solution for families who need extra space for grandparents, older children, or guests. They can also provide a secondary income source through rental revenue and contribute to making Vancouver’s housing market more affordable.

Home Warranty

My Lane Home has partnered with PD Moore Homes Inc. to build high-quality, affordable homes. With durable and low maintenance materials, a team of certified professionals, and industry standard techniques, we ensure that your new lane home is built to perfection. We take care of the entire development process from start to finish, including design and permits, on-site construction, and finishing.

Each lane home built by My Lane Home with PD Moore Homes is constructed right on your property from foundation and framing to roofing and finishing. We prioritize cleanliness, efficiency and cutting edge techniques to ensure each build exceeds quality standards and specifications. Our builders are trained, experienced professionals and each home is protected by a 2-5-10 Warranty Coverage. The site build process will be complete in 4-6 months and all inspections are completed throughout the build.

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