What are Lane Homes?

Lane Homes, also referred to as laneway houses or coach houses are small homes located at the rear of a property. They can be built in place of a current structure, like a garage, or from unused land. Lane Homes or laneway homes are a perfect solution for families who need more space for their children, grandparents, or other relatives. They can also provide a secondary income through rental revenue, and offer an affordable solution to Vancouver’s growing population and housing market.

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Our Vision.

Functionally Designed

Our Lane Homes are Functionally Designed to ensure space efficiencies, openness, and lots of light. Our designers ensure comfortable living in a aesthetically pleasing environment, focusing on details that suite your lifestyle.

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Precision Built

Instead of trying to fit you into one prefabricated home, we Precision Build a laneway home specifically to suite your needs. We are confident that our high-quality, professionally built homes will be completed on-time and on budget.

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Building a new lane home or laneway home is affordable in many ways. We build effectively and pass our efficiencies on to you, saving you time and money. We provide to you a Milestone Framework which allows for flexible financing.

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Is your Property Eligible?

Is your property eligible for a lane home or coach house? To find out set up a free site consultation today. To start the lane home consultation process please fill out the consultation contact form and we will gladly set up your free consultation. To accelerate your application please also provide your home address.

How Big can a Lane Home be?

Most Lane Homes or Coach Houses can be between 700-1000sq ft. plus exemptions, depending on your current lot size, how large your existing property is, and how your property is shaped. We determine the most effective size and shape of your Lane Home during the first step of our process – our free site consultation. With this information, we are able to determine how many floors, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other rooms are possible, as well as any outdoor living, storage, utility room and kitchen space, based on your needs and lifestyle.

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Why Build a Lane Home?


Downsizing into a lane home means less mess and maintenance and creates an opportunity to enjoy a new home designed for now and for the future. A Lane Home or Coach House lets you free up money for your retirement through rental income and remain in the comfort of your own community.

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Why Build a Lane Home?

Age in Place

By Choosing to Age in Place allows you to live in a new home designed for your retirement lifestyle, focused around functionality, accessibility and low maintenance. Without leaving your community, a lane home provides extra room for relatives and guests. A lane home is made to fit your life now, and the future.

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Why Build a Lane Home?

Multi-Generational Properties

Utilizing a lane home as a Multi-generational Property allows you to keep your family close by while respecting the privacy of each lifestyle. A Lane Home or Coach House creates the opportunity to support several generations on a single-family lot, avoiding high housing market prices, relocation and separation.

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Affordability was very important to me when going through with this Coach House development. With My Lane Home’s financing structure, their flexible deposit terms, and their relationship with Vancity, I found that financing this project was easy and comfortable.

Dianne JacksonNorth Vancouver

We see people walkby our Coach House, curious as to how it is designed and built, and we invite them in for a tour! Its amazing how many people are impressed by the space and openness of our home

Ross & MaureenNorth Vancouver

The My Lane Home team was able to translate our vision and needs into a useable, understandable and clear format. The design aspect brought our dreams to life, and the build turned out so much better than we ever anticipated.”

Christine and YvonneVancouver